Graves don’t have to look the same

Show Your Love In a Special Way.

Order Exclusive Custom Memorial Plaque. 

Dublin memorial  New Design – Headstones – Memorial Plaques Dublin – Ireland – it is newest cemetery plot installation innovation which provides an opportunity to decorate cemetery plot nicely for to God rest went relatives. Also, it ensures longevity and does not require a lot of care or investments.

Graves Cover are made using special technology which ensures resistance from longevity natural causes for example temperature change, rain or UV sun’s ray.

unique monument gravestone

Original Appearance

According to customer’s request, we consult, recommend and assist in choosing the best variant individually. There is an opportunity to make unique, individual gravestone. Ordering our graves design service, we provide you examples and we are also able to project your vision model so you could see how the final result would look like. Preliminary gravestone appearance can be easily changed or corrected. When the model will fully represent your vision, we will produce and mount it on your cemetery plot.

Grave Cover can be easily removed

This innovation can be selected for urn graves as well. We guarantee quality and longevity. While mounting graves we use especially qualitative, resistant for any weather conditions materials.

Easy to maintain

Our made Grave Covers Laminated Toughened Glass care is extremely simple. Covers can be cleaned in the easiest way – just spraying water or glass cleaner and wiping away with special glass gummy pallet. It would take just several minutes to make the gravestone irreproachable clean.

Preliminary works price

Every cemetery plot differs by its size and form so the prices are only indicative. All works start from 1300 euro for a single grave and 2400 euro for a Double.  Further, the price depends on cemetery plot size (the larger the area, the higher the price), area forms (the more carvings, oval cut-outs, and tampered angles, the higher the price). Exact price can be calculated just after evaluating cemetery plot form, size, and measurements.

memorial heart image
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Highest technology UV Print directly on the GLASS prevents from fading.

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Extremely Strong

6mm TOUGHTENED glass, heat resistant, and Stronger than granite.

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Easy To Clean

Smooth surface makes cleaning
super fast and easy.

We use only the best materials and guarantee quality and longevity!

©2020, 3D Graves. All rights reserved rocket logo

©2020, 3D Graves. All rights reserved rocket logo